Welcome to CalicoRose website. We are a small Maine Coon breeder based in West Lothian.

We aim to breed healthy, happy Maine Coons for pets and show neuters.

About Maine Coons

Maine Coons are one of the largest breeds of domestic cats and take around four years to fully mature. They are semi-long haired cats with a fluffy ruff around their necks and large tufted ears and paws. Their real pride and joy is their long flowing tail, which is long enough to wrap around them.


Maine Coons are loving and playful, gentle giants. They love to play with a ball or a feather stick and jump around like kittens whatever their age. Unlike most cats they love water and will happily paddle in their water fountains, sit in front of a dripping tap or chase an ice cube around the kitchen floor for hours.


Their large size can make them clumsy and cause them to knock over an ornament or two but this just adds to their charm. They can be a little messy and scatter food and litter around the house! Their loving nature and friendly chirrup sounds make them great companions.


The biggest disadvantage of owning a Maine Coon is that one is never enough!

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